Can I hope for getting back with my ex, even if it's been a very long time?

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Now here’s what I got to say… there are people that get back together years after a break up! (And I mean 2, 3, 5, 10 years after!) So of course you can hope for getting back together.

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Now I know what you’re thinking…You’re probably saying…“The longer you wait, the harder it gets! How could I ever hope to get back with my ex after so long!!”

Truth be told, it is indeed harder but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It is harder to get back with your ex, because those immediate feelings fade away as more time passes by. But the essence of getting your ex back is all about being a NEW YOU. It’s like starting a new relationship, except that you’ve already been with this person.

Now only you know how long it has been since you guys broke up, and you know also that every relationship is different. While some will take weeks to get back together, others will take years.

Now it’s maybe frustrating to see your ex being with someone else or even worse, completely ignoring you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your ex does not love you. It doesn’t mean there’s no hope for getting back together.

But what really matters, is for you to decide HOW IMPORTANT this person is to you.

  • Is he/she your soulmate?

  • Are you constantly wondering, “What if we were still together?” — after couple of years?

If yes, then stay hopeful… arm yourself with patience… keep in touch with your ex (even if it’s casually and once every few months)… use the “get your ex back” knowledge you already have… plus the best knowledge you can find in books or online… use indirect seduction whenever the opportunity arises… and you may end up pleasantly surprised!

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