Tricks to bring back your ex girlfriend

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Once they have lost her, a lot of guys ask themselves, “How can I bring back my ex girlfriend.” It is extremely important to keep a few things in mind as you create your plan to get her back.

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There are various methods and tricks that will help you bring back your ex, but before you try them you need to have progressed to the point where you’re thinking straight, and are no longer driven by emotional impulses.

Certainly, ending a relationship is very hard, and makes you sad. At first, you feel like your whole life is falling apart, and the only thing you want — want desperately — is to bring back your girlfriend.

This is totally normal. The problem is that if you make attempts to get her back while you’re still in this state, you’ll end up doing exactly the opposite of what you really need to do, and your ex will be driven even further away from you.

If you want to bring back your girlfriend, you’re going to have to follow a series of steps that at first glance will seem illogical or counterintuitive, yet are essential when it comes to winning back the love of your ex.

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Here are three tips — proven ways to help you achieve the goal you seek: “How to bring back my ex girlfriend.”

  1. Accept her decision

    This is the first thing you have to do. You’re going to write your girlfriend a handwritten letter. In this letter, you’re going to say that you totally accept her decision.

    If you made a mistake, then admit it and say you’re sorry for what you’ve done. DO NOT state that you’ll “never do it again,” because this is a trite thing to say, and she won’t believe you anyway.

    Finally, tell her you understand her decision and that you’re available if she wants to reconnect with you. Leave the door open.

    This works for many reasons, mostly psychological. By doing something your girlfriend never expected — writing a letter on paper — you distinguish yourself from other men. She will start questioning herself, and begin to doubt her decision.

    Also, she’ll begin to wonder why you’re so ready to agree with her decision to break up with you. Is it because you have found someone else? Or because you’re happy to be without her? She’ll think, if that was the case, there was no point in dumping you because really, you had essentially dumped her without saying anything. Once she starts having these thoughts, the table is turned.

  2. Don’t chase her or beg her

    This is the ultimate serious error committed by men after a breakup. If you start to chase your ex, or beg forgiveness from her, then the letter you write in step 1 becomes useless.

    Women are attracted to men who pose a challenge, as opposed to men who are easy to obtain. If you chase and beg, you’re easy, and she’ll be less attracted to you.

    And, in bothering her all the time, you’re being annoying. All this is going to further alienate your ex. However, if you refrain from calling her and following her around, she might start to wonder what you’re up to, and might change her mind about your relationship. For someone who wants to know “how to bring back my ex girlfriend,” it’s very important to take this into account.

  3. Focus your energy on your own life

    If you want your girlfriend back, you need to be strong emotionally. Women like men who are in control of themselves. If you are depressed, and lack energy, and don’t want to do anything, what makes you think that your girlfriend will want to get back together? Focus your time and energy on improving your life.

    Exercise. Go out with friends. Find a new hobby; have fun; make an effort to expand your social circle. Spend time outside, or traveling. Change your appearance, etc. There are many things you can do. When your girlfriend notices this change in you, she will definitely want to be back in your arms again.

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