Breaking no contact is a bad idea, but what if you already broke the no contact rule?

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After a breakup, keeping yourself from contacting your significant other is easier said than done. The urge to constantly text, call, or see your ex in person is stronger than ever before.

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Most of the time this is due to fear that your ex might move on and stick with their decision not to be with you any more… not to try to work things out.

As hard as it might be to maintain the no contact rule, it might be the easiest way to get your love back. It is therefore very important to ensure that you do not break no contact. If you already broke no contact, there is still hope and you can start all over again.

The saying that absence makes the heart grow fonder is very true when it comes to breakups. If you want to get your ex back, you should try as hard as you can not to break no contact.

Once you understand the magic behind the no contact rule, you will respect it and try as much as you can to keep it. Understand that when you leave your ex alone, you are giving them more time to think about you and remember the good times you had together.

If you catch yourself breaking no contact, you should try and start all over again.

Understand that when you make contact too early after the breakup, this might work against you for there is still anger and resentment between the two of you. You will not have given your ex time to sort out the many conflicting feelings that might be going through their head. You should therefore avoid making things worse than they are at the moment. Patience pays off, and this is the best time to exercise it.

Getting your mind occupied on other things is the best way to ensure that you do not break no contact. This is the time to do all those things you have always desired to do but never got time to. Things that uplift your spirits and make you feel better about yourself are the best to concentrate on at this time.

Once you are feeling better about yourself, this reflects even in the way you relate to other people around you. Happy people attract happiness and joy. These are what you will be attracting in your life.

If being around familiar places makes you want to see your ex all the time, you can try changing locations. This might help you get your mind off them. Going away on a vacation with your close friends will ensure that you are not around for a number of days.

The first few days are the hardest but once you get into a routine where you do not have to see your ex, things get much easier and you will not be tempted to break no contact. You will also be away from the life you used to share together therefore there are not many things to remind you of them.

The key to not breaking no contact is to make sure that you are always busy and have no time to think about your ex. Or, make sure that when you DO have free time, you are too tired to spare your ex more than a minute or two of your thoughts.

If you had a lot of time on your hands in the past, you should occupy yourself with new ventures now. Take up new classes or volunteer your services at a local charity organization. Whatever you do, make sure that everything adds or brings positive attributes into your life.

Staying busy will also ensure that you do not have time to wallow in self pity and loneliness. These can make you contact your ex or do things that will only make the situation worse. Self pity and loneliness can also make you adopt bad habits such as drinking alcohol or eating comfort foods.

As you concentrate on the things that add value to your life, your self esteem will grow by the day. You will therefore be able to stand your ground and set rules that ensure that you do not break no contact again.

As you move on with your life, your ex will be the one to look for you and even beg you to get back together. The fear of losing you again will make your ex treat you better than they did before the breakup.

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