Best Books on Surviving Infidelity

** Our Top "Survive an Affair" Choice **

How to Survive an Affair, by Dr. Frank Gunzburg
 Ruth's Review: 4.8/5.0

Pros: Dr. Gunzburg’s approach is much more in-depth and more something you would expect from a qualified and highly experienced therapist, which is what the doctor is.

“How to Survive an Affair” lays out a step-by-step program a couple should follow, with three different phases tackling different aspects of the affair and the subsequent rebuilding. The first phase is all about personal emotions and learning how to cope and heal as an individual. The second phase focuses on healing as a couple while the goal of the last phase is to start rebuilding.

Cons: Although I was able to justify it for myself, the $147 price tag will unfortunately be out of reach for some who could really benefit from the program.

Overall Value: “How to Survive an Affair” will give you an extensive set of tools and strategies that will help you deal with your pain and move on. The concrete strategies provided to improve communication and improve a relationship are timeless and can be applied to any relationship, even if infidelity was not involved.

The extensive amount of material and the insights as well as the strategies provided make the $147 price tag seem insignificant. Consider how much you would have to pay to go to therapy sessions. This way you get one of the best couple’s therapists for a fraction of the cost.

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** Our Value-Priced "Survive an Affair" Choice **

Affair Repair, by Kara Oh
 Ruth's Review: 4.0/5.0

Pros: Kara Oh’s approach is a simpler solution yet still just as effective, with simple and easy strategies to help reestablish communication that some couples will find more appealing.

Cons: While “Affair Repair” also features a step-by-step process, it isn’t quite as linear or as well-defined. It sometimes feels as if the author is jumping back and forth and I did get a bit lost at times regarding what was supposed to come next.

Overall Value: Though less expensive, “Affair Repair” still includes quite a few effective strategies that can be applied to any relationship to improve it. It also discusses a very interesting aspect and that is how to recover that spark of love that every relationship has in the beginning. The strategies and insights in this section alone are worth the $37 price tag.

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