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If you walked into my office one day and asked me how to convince your ex to get back with you, the first thing I would ask you would be, "Are you still friends with your ex?"

Look at it this way: Even though you are no longer "in a relationship" with your ex, if there is any communication between you at all then you still HAVE a relationship with your ex. I mean, you still relate to your ex in some fashion, whenever you see each other or talk to each other.

These moments of contact -- in what is now a friendship -- are your opportunity to be on your best behavior, and to demonstrate that you have what it takes to be a good partner. After all, being a good relationship partner is not so different from being a good friend.

And that question: How to convince your ex to get back with you? Well, nothing can stop you from trying to be a good friend, right? So take your cue from this list of 7 elements of a good relationship, and apply it to your friendship.

1. Is your ex trying to achieve any particular goals in life? Be encouraging and supportive. Make your ex feel good about himself/herself.

2. Be a good listener. When your ex is speaking, don't get distracted by thoughts of what you are going to say next. Hear what your ex is saying, right now.

3. Always be honest, and always keep your promises, no matter how small. If you say you will do a thing -- "Sure, I can return that DVD for you..." -- then do it. And never, ever lie.

4. Express gratitude when it's called for. If your ex does something nice for you, say thanks. It's not just good manners; it shows that you care.

5. Share your own problems and dreams. Don't withhold yourself from your ex. This could have been a problem in your prior relationship -- your ex might have felt like you maintained your distance. No one wants a partner who is not open enough to share their own thoughts.

6. Make your ex laugh. Affectionate teasing is a wonderful method for drawing someone closer to you.

7. Accept all your ex's quirks and neuroses and weaknesses. Overwhelm your ex with unconditional love.

No matter what reasons your ex had for breaking up with you, I believe you can negate them by being a good friend. By exhibiting these qualities, you can become The One -- the person your ex wants to spend the most time with.

After a few weeks or months of this, you'll see clearly how to convince your ex to get back with you:

You'll only have to ask.

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