Ex Back Book - Ex Girlfriend Guru Review

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One of the things that really stood out to me as I worked through the Ex-Girlfriend Guru system was how aggressive the tone was. The author, Matt Huston, makes his personal boundaries clear, but takes delight in not being “politically correct” or “pulling punches” as he lays the groundwork for what women expects in relationships with men, and why so many relationships end.

He puts it down to gender roles – one of the main reasons couples break up is because the men are refusing to act like men. He sets up four tentpoles as the hallmark to masculine behavior: Purpose, self-assurance, confidence, and leadership. Weak-willed, submissive men who aren’t willing to get in there and make tough choices find it really tough to make lasting relationships.

And that’s the primary focus of Ex-Girlfriend Guru – Huston teaches the reader how to “man up”, to get over their fear of women and stop giving off feelings of insecurity that can actually hurt a relationship instead of protect it. Obviously, this is less than useful if you’re a girl looking to get back with a guy ;)

There’s also a section that tells you to take your life back – and gives you tips on dating other women, working out, showing how you’ve moved on. Some of this is stuff about getting back together, and some of it is just generally useful stuff for your life!

This is a very detailed source – there’s multimedia and some well-produced audio that allows you to take this information with you on the go. But the information in this guide doesn’t really focus on self-improvement and becoming more mentally and physically capable around other people, or getting over your relationship emotionally. And you might not need that.

If you’ve developed a reputation as a “wuss” or pushover in your relationships with women and you want to create a fresh impression and undo the damage you’ve done, this guide might be able to help you stop putting girls on a pedestal and “reverse the momentum” in a relationship, putting you back in control.

“Train Your Girlfriend” is attached as a bonus, and discusses some techniques to maintain and deepen a woman’s attraction. The information here, and in Ex-Girlfriend Guru as a whole, is useful and “fresh” to people who’ve read similar products.

Visit the ‘Ex Girlfriend Guru’ Website Now!