Ex Back Book - The Ex-Back System Review

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This thing is a whopper. Brian Bold’s Ex-Back System is a comprehensive package that breaks down the stages of a breakup: “Recession”, “Reconstruction”, “Reconnection”, “Reconciliation”, “Resolution”.

You’re walked through each stage, and you learn the right way to handle your break up and get back on your feet, how to decide objectively if the relationship is worth pursuing, how to break loneliness and depression even if you aren’t really that social, how to make your approach without looking desperate or needy, how to make sure the past mistakes in your relationship don’t happen again, and how to stay back together – there’s lots of good stuff in this guide, and it’s not all rehashed information either.

This plan also comes with a lot of worksheets and things to keep you engaged and working through the course instead of just digesting the PDF and tossing it away. You’ll be tracking your feelings and your progress through 60 days of specific questions and motivational messages as you work. Again, if you’re looking for something you can blow through in an afternoon, this might not be the program for you.

One of the main differences between the Ex-Back System and Magic of Making Up is the depth of content. It comes in multiple packages – a Silver package with the course and some worksheets and mindmaps, a Gold package with audio and video, and a Platinum package with a stunning amount of video and 60 days of personal 1-to-1 advice and coaching.

Visit the ‘Ex-Back System’ Website Now!