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Does your ex girlfriend want to get back together?


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Does your ex girlfriend want to get back together, or what? Say your ex calls you out of the blue, long after you broke up. She is friendly, and wants your advice about buying a new car. Does that mean she wants to get back together?

Sure, okay, you know all about cars, and she knows you're an expert. And God knows you want her back -- you never wanted to break up in the first place. So, is this it? Is this your chance? She called you, so does that mean she's open to the idea?

Let's look at another scenario. Let's say you run into your ex at a nightclub, and you'd swear she's flirting with you. Every time you glance across the room, she looks away real quick but you know -- you just know -- she was watching you.

And later you see her come out of the restroom, and she's standing alone in the back, surveying the room, looking for something or someone, so you go over and talk to her -- and she acts like she's happy to see you. She stands close, and touches your arm a few times, and tells you how good you're looking. Yes, she's definitely flirting! Does that mean she wants you back?

Well, here's what I think. I think neither of these signs, taken alone, is enough to guarantee your ex girlfriend wants to get back together. I think it takes more. I think you have to be able to check off four or five signs on a list, before you can assume you've got the green light, and can start trying to date her again.

The thing to do, in this early stage where you suspect she might want to get back together, is to start looking for more signs. Look at a list of signs she wants you back, and then set up some situations where she'll be likely to give you either a positive sign, or a negative one.

Does your ex girlfriend want to get back together? If you see one sign, put her through some tests and build your case. A handful of signs means she's open to taking you back.

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Click here to learn exactly how to make your ex want you back.

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